Thomas Sch├Ąpers
_Toys in Black
The still lifes of the new series "Toys in Black" are intended to irritate. The objects used differ from the baroque elements, such as precious cups or bowls, fruit, flowers, or venison. Here lifeless plastic figures are used, composed with classical objects such as flowers and leaves. The true-to-detail, almost lifelike imitation of humans and animals in the form of toy figures leads to distorted dimensions. The absurd arrangement of the figures is intended to suggest a dialogue that questions the lifelessness that constitutes a still life by definition. Some still lifes are illuminated from below. The objects themselves seem to radiate. This effect is intensified by the neutral, monochrome deep black background, the reflections and reflections. 
Dino-Flower, 120 x 80 (2019)
Rhino-Goose, 120 x 80 (2018)
3 Pigs, 120 x 80 (2018)
Bull-Dog 120 x 80 (2018) 
Hippo-Flower 100-80 (2018)
Monster-Knight 120-80 (2018)
Dalmatiner 50 x 40 (2019)
Dino-Forest 40 x 40 (2019)
Pig 40 x 40 (2018)
Birds Knight 60 x 80 (2019)
Knight blue 50 x 70 (2018)
Elf Saurian 50 x 70 (2018)